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MDC Warning Residents of Imposters

The warning comes after two separate incidents today of men posing as MDC workers in West Hartford



    Police are cracking down on people impersonating MDC workers to gain access to people's homes. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013)

    The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) is warning customers to be on the lookout for individuals posing as water company employees after two incidents today.
    On Tuesday, two separate incidents occurred in West Hartford involving male suspects impersonating water company workers, according to MDC representative Kerry Martin.

    The first incident occurred in the early afternoon on Englewood Ave. A male claiming to work for MDC attempted to enter a residence.
    "He kept insisting on coming in the house and I did not let him in, said resident Leona Coladonate.
    When asked why she didn't let the man inside, Coladonate said she had a feeling that something was up.
    The second incident happened around 3 p.m. on Washington Circle. Two men entered a residence after telling the homeowner they were employees of MDC.
    MDC is urging residents to ask anyone claiming to be from MDC to show them photo identification.
    They also are reminding residents that all MDC employees wear clothing and drive vehicles clearly marked with the MDC logo.
    Anyone with any questions or concerns about an MDC employee can call the MDC Command Center at 860-278-7850 ext. 3600.