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Memorial Garden Vandalized



    A Burlington teen who constructed a memorial garden in honor of his late father is now left wondering who would have vandalized it.

    The meditation labrynth and rose garden was built as a labor of love outside 17-year-old Jack Reitz's church, Burlington Congregational.

    "It was a really proud moment in my life," Reitz said. "Probably one of the greatest achievements I have ever done."

    For the past two weekends four arborvitae shrubs have been ripped right out of the ground.

    Memorial Garden Vandalized

    [HAR] Memorial Garden Vandalized
    A Burlington teen found the memorial garden he constructed in memory of his father vandalized. The teen, along with members of the community, wants to know who did this.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012)

    "I worked on it every weekend," Reitz said. "It just hurts. It's disappointing."

    Members of church are wondering who would do such a thing.

    "Of course it's disappointing that someone would desecrate any holy place, especially something owned by the church," Rev. Wendell Taylor, said.

    Reitz, who is trying to become an Eagle Scout, said he hopes someone will return the bushes. Reitz's father died when he was just four years old.

    He and fellow scouts spent 600 hours working on the labrynth and garden. He said it's a way he can connect with his father.

    "That's a special connection that I can relate to him, something that's meaningful to him and myself," Reitz said.