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New Haven Gets Un-Snookered: Tweet



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    Snooki is sure to strut her stuff, whenever she comes to Gotham Citi Cafe.

    Snooki, the diminutive diva with the large poof and a personality to match, is cancelling on Connecticut, according to a recent tweet. Probably because she's flying to Los Angeles to appear on Leno and Ellen.

    But, she tweets, she will give us a rain check.

    "So sorry ct for not bein able to come to gotham..I tried my hardest to rearrange plans! I am rescheduling tho," @sn00ki tweets.

    The Jersey Shore cast member, born Nicole Polizzi, was supposed to appear Thursday night at Gotham Citi Café in New Haven. We called the establishment and the call center had not yet gotten word of her cancelling.  

    When she does come back, no doubt she’ll be breaking it down on the dance floor. Perhaps she’ll show us her acrobatic prowess judging by that back walkover she did on the show.

    The pint-sized powerhouse has been here a couple times, smooching with “The Situation” at MGM and busting a move at Shrine.

    Jersey Shore, the hit MTV show, has predictably taken popular social networking sites by storm, with her events and citings have generated a Facebook frenzy, publicizing her guest appearance, with nearly 1,000 invited guests. They are sure to be dissapointed.  

    Just recently, Snooki took to Twitter to fight off rumors of a sex tape and public nude photos.

    She tweeted Tuesday…"Like I said before about my supposed 'sex tape'…There are no nude pictures nor will there ever be. The tabloids just love Snook gossip.”