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New Haven Occupiers Help Victim of Assault

They came to the aid of a man as he was being beaten in downtown New Haven.



    Michael Farrington, of Cheshire, is recovering after being attacked in New Haven last weekend.

    According to Farrington, 24, he was walking down College Street around 2 a.m. Sunday and exchanged words with a group. Two of the men then started beating him up. It happened on the sidewalk near the Occupy New Haven campsite.

    “I heard some commotion over by the gate, so I jumped over the wall and I saw Michael laying on the ground getting punched in the face and kicked in the head by two assailants,” said Josh Heltke, one of the Occupiers who rushed to Farrington’s aid.

    Josh Heltke ran over and pushed the men off Farrington, then followed them down the road. Danielle DiGirolamo, another Occupier, ran to help.

    Cheshire Man Beaten in New Haven

    [HAR] Cheshire Man Beaten in New Haven
    A Cheshire man is recovering after he was attacked last weekend in New Haven. It happened right outside the "Occupy New Haven" camp. And it was the occupiers who came to the rescue.
    (Published Friday, March 23, 2012)

    “He was covered in blood. Like completely covered in blood. There was blood on the sidewalk and on the fence,” said DiGirolamo.

    The people at Occupy called 911, but say the police never showed up.

    “Josh got all the information for, he got the kind of car and a license plate number, and we were waiting for cops to come and no one ever came,” said DiGirolamo.

    According to New Haven Police, as soon as the call was received, emergency medical crews were sent to the scene, which is the most important thing when a person is injured. Officers were also dispatched, but were given the wrong location by a 911 caller, and since the caller wouldn't give a name or number, dispatch couldn't get the proper address, police said.

    Farrington says it wasn't until he was discharged from the hospital later in the morning that officers actually spoke to him, and even then they weren't very helpful.

    The occupy group was happy the could help Farrington.

    “I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when this happened,” said Heltke.

    New Haven Police are investigating the incident.