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Sandy Hook Report to be Released



    Sandy Hook Report To Be Released Soon

    Investigators are getting ready to release their findings nearly one year after the tragedy. (Published Monday, Nov. 18, 2013)

    The public is closer to learning more about what happened December 14, 2012.

    Family members of the victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting have now been briefed by investigators, a family member tells NBC Connecticut. And the long anticipated report will be released Monday.

    Governor Dannel Malloy said, as of Monday, he has not seen the report.

    The governor had been pushing prosecutors in the state's attorneys office to release their findings before the one year anniversary.

    "It's very good," Malloy said. "I'm glad someone is listening. I'm happy they're going to get it out well before the 14th of December."

    The Office of the Chief State's Attorney wouldn't officially confirm a release date.

    Governor Malloy said it is important that the families would be briefed first.

    "Whether I read the report the day it's issued or the day before is less important than the report get out and the families be taken care of," he said.

    Published reports said the report that will be out on Monday will be a 40-page summary.

    The documents will not include crime scene photos. Earlier this year the Connecticut General Assembly passed a bill that would block their release. 

    A superior court judge will rule whether 911 calls will be released. The Freedom of Information Commission ordered their release but the state's attorney appealed that decision.

    Meanwhile, Mark Barden, the father of one of the children, said last week that policy makers may be able to lean from what's in the report, especially when it comes to the issue of mental health.

    "Hopefully we will learn from that," said Barden. "I can just be hopeful that we will learn from that and be able to move forward and make improvements based on that."