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Sex Week Sparks Debate

Sex Week on the Yale campus returns and will have competition this year.



    Sex Week has returned to the Yale campus.

    The week is billed as a way to promote sexual health though a series of events and workshops.

    It has been toned down this year on the advice of school administrators.

    "I think especially this year, they've taken great care to make it an inclusive event," a Yale junior said.

    Sounding Off About Sex Week

    [HAR] Sounding Off About Sex Week
    The Bi-Annual "Sex Week" returns to Yale, with seminars and workshops on cultural, social, and personal aspects of sex. Some students have organized an alternative "True Love Week".
    (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2012)

    There will also be sessions about pornography.

    This year, Sex Week has competition.

    Students with Undergraduates for a Better Yale College have started True Love Week, where they will host educational seminars.

    They say it will focus less on casual sex and more on relationships.

    "We came up with the idea this summer when we realized the sheer silence there was on campus from the general hook-up culture," Eduardo Andino said.

    True Love Week kicks off on Sunday.