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A Tale of Two Different Communities: North Haven & New Haven

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In New Haven and North Haven, it's the tale of two different areas that are minutes away from one another and yet, the two towns fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

According to Connecticut's Secretary of the State's Office, 51% of the votes in North Haven went to President Donald Trump. However, in New Haven, nearly 81% of the votes went to Joe Biden.

In 2016, Carol Torello voted for Trump, four years later and he's still her guy.

"I was a Trump person in 2016 and I voted for him again because I think he's done a lot for us in the short time that he's been in office," said Torello. "I think Trump did great things for our 401(k)s and our stock market."

Torello also mentioned that she thinks that the president has some faults but said that it didn't deter her.

"I'm not sure about his demeanor, I don't think he's got the best mouth on him or attitude type," said Torello.

The long-time resident of North Haven also mentioned that she wasn't sold on the Biden/Harris Ticket.

"I'm sure Biden is a very nice man but I don't think he's up for the job mentally," said Torello. "It seems like something isn't right and then we'll end up with Kamala and I'm not comfortable with socialism."

Those who live in work or live in North Haven told NBC Connecticut that there are some different ideologies between the two neighboring communities.

"I feel that North Haven is more conservative and New Haven is not, it's more liberal," said Carmen Ippolito of North Haven.

Steven Canady who works in North Haven agreed.

"It's a lot of Trump supporters who stop traffic, wave their flags and say things to people and most of those supporters are in North Haven," said Canady.

In New Haven, Joe Biden received the majority of the votes, and the different ways of thinking between the two communities caught Connecticut native, Lauren White off guard.

'"I guess I really didn't realize that North Haven is more conservative that surprises me," said White.

Carmen Ippolito voted for Trump in 2016 and followed suit in 2020.

"His policies on the economy," said Ippolito. "His peace treaties, I though were very important and that was very much overlooked."

In New Haven, the London family told NBC Connecticut that their entire household is supporting Joe Biden.

"I'm happy that Connecticut is voting for Joe Biden as a state because Joe Biden is a great man," said King London, an 8-year-old.

His dad, Glenn agreed.

"I want people who are going to invest in our community not just push around what we want to hear, but really actually make action," said Glenn London.

Unity is the common donminator on both sides espeicallly as the country looks forward to the future.

"Whoever gets in, get's in, I support them, they're my president," said Torello.

Sylvia Antrum who voted for Joe Biden had similar feelings.

"We all need to come together as a nation, we need to pray together as a nation," said Antrum.

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