ABC's of School Cuts

From jobs, to computers and field trips: Hartford schools are cutting millions from the budget.

Tough times are forcing the school board to slash more than $4 million from the books. On Monday, it unveiled its plan to do just that.

The first move will freeze all non-salary expenditures as of February 20th.  That includes things like office supplies and computers. It’ll save the district $4 million.

Not only that, but 21 jobs in the central office are gone as of March 1st. The remaining central officer staff will be forced to take a 2-day furlough. The district says that will slash another $600,000.

"The final item is going to be a reduction in transportation," said David Medina, a school board spokesperson.  By stopping late buses that adds another $100,000 in the bank.

Among these cuts, include plans to close Hartford High School’s Little Owls Program. Little Owls is a district funded daycare for teen moms at Hartford High. "We spent more than $165,000 this year alone to pay for a program of 9 children, 3 of which were children of school employees," said Medina.

Little Owls will close in June.

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