After 11 Months the Drought Has Officially Ended

NBC Connecticut meteorologists are pleased to report that the drought has officially ended.

The National Weather Service announced this morning that the entire state is drought free. There is still a small portion of central and northwest Connecticut that is experiencing "abnormally dry" conditions.

The drought started in June of last year. 

At the height of the drought some parts of the state were experiencing a rainfall deficit of nearly 20 inches.

By November of last year nearly have of the state was placed in "extreme drought" conditions which is only one category below the worst "exceptional drought".

The drought was so extreme that is lead Gov. Dannel Malloy to issue the first ever drought watch for six counties of the state.

The winter and early spring season have brought a healthy supply of precipitation to the state.

From December 1st to date, Hartford has seen 18.22 inches of precipitation. This is slightly above average with the average being 18 inches.

So what does this mean? Many of the reservoirs are back within normal operating levels. Homeowner can also breathe a sigh of relief as this should alleviate any issues with home wells. 

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