Amazon Operation Means New Jobs in Bristol

Amazon plans to open a new delivery facility in Bristol on Aug. 25.

Amazon is once again expanding in Connecticut.

The company is opening a new delivery station in Bristol, bringing with it at least 100 part-time jobs.

Hundreds of people lined up in hopes of getting one of those positions at a job fair held by Amazon Friday.

People like Alyx Weisinger of West Hartford see an opportunity to be in on the ground floor of a company that by many measures, has dramatically changed the way we shop,

“They’re a company that’s done nothing but grow. you know, you want to be in an industry that’s booming, you don’t want to be in an industry that’s dying out," Weisinger said.

It is all about growth for Amazon. It already has operations up and running in Windsor, Wallingford, and North Haven.

Bristol Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu did not sugar coat the fact these aren’t the coveted, high paying biotech or finance jobs so many towns and cities fight for.

At the same time the mayor said the part-time, often overnight jobs fit the bill for many many people.

“We were at the job fair today and we saw long lines, which means despite the 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. shift, that these are desirable jobs for people who are either looking to augment income, make it into the workforce, maybe have a second job," she said.

The mayor explained the Amazon facility in Bristol will get packages ready for the final leg of their journey to people’s homes.

She adds during peak times employment could swell to 500 jobs

Beyond the jobs, the mayor said Amazon helps its marketing efforts by bringing yet another “brand name“ employer to a city that already boasts companies including the Barnes Group and ESPN.

Amazon opens its new operation in Bristol Aug. 25. 

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