App Connects Parents With New Haven Schools

Do you want information on your child's school? There's an app for that in New Haven.

The New Haven Public Schools system has a new free app that allows the schools to reach out to parents in a different way than from the school's website or Facebook page.

The app includes news, notifications, a local calendar, cafeteria menus and much more. 

“We know that our best partners are involved parents, and we have to find ways to be welcoming to them,” said New Haven School Superintendent Garth Harries.

“So many more parents have iPhones or smartphones than they do computers, so it actually increases our ability to communicate and actually to relate and support our students in schools,” New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said.

So far, it's getting a good reception.

“I love this thing.  I take it with me because it's right on my phone.  I can check my son's grades, I can check his assignments, I can see if there were any notifications from the school,” Daisy Gonzalez, a New Haven parent, said.

Jennifer Ricker, a New Haven parent, said it helps her family stay informed about the schools.

“The parent link that they have right now goes to our telephone, but it goes to our cell phone.  Sometimes it will go to my phone, but not my husband's, and we miss messages. If I travel, then we're out of luck.  This allows me to go in and get the information,” Ricker said.

It also allows parents to communicate directly with the school system through the Ideas Box part of the app.

“I love the Ideas Box because it allows us to have a voice and say this is a concern, what can we do about it,” Ricker said.

You can find the app by searching New Haven Public Schools in the App store, or click here.

“There's just so much information in the palm of your hand,” Gonzalez said.


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