Are You Ready? The DTV Transition is On!

Get ready! The DTV transition is coming! As of Friday, all TV stations will shut off their analog signals and make the switch to digital. It will give you an improved picture and sound quality, if you're ready for it. Those who have cable or satellite will automatically switch over.

"I don't have rabbit ears, so I guess that would mean I'm prepared," said Fran Raineault of New Britain.

But if you're one of the 10,000 people still using rabbit ears, you're going to need a converter box to get a picture. They're available at electronics stores like Bernie's and run about $40 to $60. There's even a government coupon if you want one.

Bernie's on the Berlin Turnpike has seen a steady flow of people coming in to get their converter boxes. In fact, we ran into one customer who made it just before the deadline.

"To get a converter box, because we need it," said Nick Salvetti of New Britain.

If you have a converter box, and still aren't getting a signal after the switch, chances are the box needs some tuning.

"It needs to be calibrated either the antenna or the box needs to be calibrated to their set. There are instructions with the converter box to do this, but it's best to call your local electronics retailer if it's not working," explained Rich Hanley, a professor at Quinnipiac University.

Another possibility, the antenna isn't high enough. For that, you should also call in the professionals. But most people in Connecticut should be able to turn on the tube and tune into their favorite programs without a problem.

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