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New Britain Students Get Free Haircuts Ahead of New School Year

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The second annual Buzzin' Barbershop at Smalley Elementary School in New Britain hosted a cut-a-thon for kids ahead of the first day of school.

These kids got buzz cuts, braids, and fresh trims ahead of their first day of school on Wednesday.

And the best part? It's free.

Jayveein is going into the first grade and did not want his hair cut.

"I don't want to get a haircut. I like my old hair," he said.

But his mom, Vimarys, said she knows best.

"He wanted his hair long but hey, he needed a change," she said.

The Lost Art Barber Shop and Reflexions Studio dedicated their time to helping out these kids.

They understand the importance of them not only being prepared academically, but also feeling good when they walk through those doors on their very first day.

"This is a blessing for us a single mother and us that are generally struggling. We dont have a job and to do this, I'm so grateful for Smalley Elementary School," Vimarys said.

"I think it's wonderful when kids come back to school prepared and ready and feeling good about themselves, so a haircut is just one step in that direction," said Principal Andrea Foligno.

Barber Chase Morales said he remembers how excited he used to get before his first day of school and getting a fresh haircut was part of the excitment.

"We just thought about when we were younger and the first day of school -- get the fresh look and just get them ready for school," Morales said.

And while Jayveein wasn't so excited to get a haircut, his big sister was.

And she had to show him how it's done.

"I'm his big sister and I have to show him that getting a haircut, getting anything cut isn't that bad."

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