Bat Makes for Batty Night in the House

As the state House of Representatives entered its final day of the session, things went batty. Literally.

State legislators were at a slow point around 2:30 a.m. after hours of debating when a bat interrupted the quest to pass education policy.

As the creature of the night flew above lawmakers heads, some stood on chairs, swatting at it. Others watched on.

At some point, the bat swooped down. Capitol employees swiftly swooped in.

Armed with a fish net – which would seem to be an unlikely tool to have handy in the Capitol -- and a plastic recycling bin, State House employees captured their culprit.

An army of staff ushered the winged intruder into the elevator, down to the lobby.

Then, in an action that DEP officials are not likely to recommend, one man cupped the bat in his gloved hands and brought it out into the night, where it flew free, restoring order in the hallowed halls of the Capitol and the House chamber.

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