Wolcott police

BB Gun Shootings Plague Wolcott Neighborhood

Wolcott police are trying to find whoever is behind a series of BB gun shootings that have damaged homes and vehicles.

Police think someone in a pickup might be linked to at least some of them, and release surveillance footage of the truck.

The string of apparent drive-by BB gun shootings is leaving homeowners frustrated.

Residents threw up plywood to protect their vehicle’s back windows at this home on Sunrise Road. The owners, who did not want to be identified, say the shootings started here about ten days ago.

“We first noticed my husband’s truck, the bed of his truck, had gotten shot by a BB gun, thinking it was just kids fooling around. We filed a police report and kept moving,” the owner said.

Over the next week or so, they would discover car windows shattered, as well as the house being targeted.

That’s when they pulled up their surveillance camera footage.

“When we looked back at the videos, we actually found out that all three of the videos were the same truck.”

Investigators believe the same black GMC pickup was captured on Hickory Road where damage was reported. Another home was also hit on Spindle Hill Road.

Anyone with information that could help solve this case is asked to contact police.

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