Thea Digiammerino

Before and After: A Look Back at The May 15, 2018 Storm Damage

Pictures from the day of tornadoes and storms on May 15, 2018, compared to the same spots nearly a year later show the way the damage affected the landscape and people's lives.

Some of the most dramatic damage came from Newtown, where 12 homes were condemned after the storms on May 15, 2018. An empty lot now stands where a home once did on Pequot Avenue.

Another home in Newtown that was effectively buried by trees and debris during the May 2018 storms.

More damage to properties in Newtown.

The landscape at Sleeping Giant State Park was permanently altered when the microburst hit the park. Crews are continuing to clean up the park and it remains closed a year later.

A homeowner in Oxford was left with significant cleanup after a large tree came down on her property.

Many people spent hours trying to find their way home after the storms on May 15, 2018 after trees and wires came down, closing roads like Hogs Back Road in Oxford.

The Candlewood Lake neighborhood of Brookfield was hard-hit by the storms. Scenes like this were all over the area.

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