Ben Florsheim Declares Victory Over Seb Giuliano in Middletown Mayoral Race

Middletown's Democratic candidate for mayor, Ben Florsheim, is declaring victory in the race over Republican Seb Giuliano.

Giuliano has called Florsheim to concede, according to campaign officials. 

Florsheim won by about 570 votes.

Giuliano previously served three terms as mayor and is currently on the Middletown Common Council.

Florsheim, 27, is a former Wesleyan student who worked for U.S. Senator Chris Murphy. He is the youngest mayor ever elected in Middletown. He’s never held political office, and just moved to Middletown for college nine years ago, but Florsheim says his progressive agenda resonated with voters.

It is a victory for progressive values. It is a victory for honesty and decency in politics," Florsheim said of his win.

He counts education and redevelopment of the riverfront among his first priorities.

“My mind is not made up about a lot of the issues that face us. I am willing to change my mind when presented with the evidence. I think the mark of a good leader is not taking a “my way or the highway” approach. It’s listening to everyone in the room at the table and making sure we’re making the right decision for the city not the right decision for any elected official or single politician," he said.

Senator Murphy tweeted Tuesday evening: "Congrats to my friend @bdflorsheim - the next Mayor of Middletown!!"

Giuliano, who served three terms in office and currently sits on the common council, says he has no plans to run for mayor again. Current Mayor Dan Drew, who until Tuesday, was the youngest person elected to mayor in Middletown when he began serving at the age of 32, decided not to run for re-election.

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