‘We Had to Just Run': Berlin Missionary Describes Mexico City Earthquake

A Connecticut missionary from Mexico City, who also lives in Berlin, was in Mexico with his family when the earthquake hit. 

"It was just continuing. It got very hard, very strong and we had to just run," Josue Ortiz said.

Ortiz described the horrifying moments a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico City on Tuesday.

"I never ran for my life like I did yesterday," Ortiz said to his wife a day after the earthquake.

Ortiz said his wife, a Berlin native, was at home with their kids in Mexico when the quake hit. While their house was unharmed, Ortiz said, devastation is everywhere.

"Just about five minutes from where we live, there was a school that completely fell down with kids and teachers inside and as of right now they are still trying to get them out from there," Ortiz said.

The death toll Wednesday rose to at least 225. Ortiz, who is a missionary, said he’s ready to help however he can.

"It is going to be a huge government effort and as a community, we have to be there for them. We are going to try and open homes for people that have lost places," Ortiz said.

Ortiz said two weeks ago the area had an earthquake that was also very strong but didn’t cause any damage. Yesterday was also the anniversary of a an earthquake 32 years ago that killed thousands of people.

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