Big Brother's Coming to the Beach

Milford to install security cameras in two beach neighborhoods

Walking down the street in Milford soon won’t be the same because a security camera could be watching you. 

The Board of Alderman gave the go ahead Monday night to install surveillance cameras in the Wildemere and Walnut beach neighborhoods.

The call for the cameras came after a near-riot in May, when a house party spilled out in the streets. People were fighting with baseball bats, bricks and shooting BB guns. 

At first, neighbors asked for more police presence but funding problems made that impossible. Instead, the community has turned to a much cheaper option, security cameras.

Mayor Jim Richetelli supports the solution. 

“We hope they are a deterrent. They know that they’re on camera. There will be signs stating so. We’re hoping that deters some of the issues that we’ve had before,” Richetelli said.

The mayor said the cameras will only be in commercial areas and will have a special feature that would not allow them to shoot into doorways or windows. 

Still, residents like Tony Giardino are unsure if the cameras are the right idea.

“I kind of have mixed feelings. I like the security it provides, but on the other hand, I don’t like to me intruded upon,” said Giardino.

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