Blumenthal Unveils 4-Point Plan to Expedite, Strengthen Refugee Processing

Senator Richard Blumenthal has announced a new plan that hopes to have less hurdles for refugees going through the process to come to the U.S.

The four-point plan hopes to ultimately reduce the delay in refugee processing, a process state leaders say averages about two years. The new plan would reduce the process to months.

“If their family members are here and here legally then they should be able to apply directly to this country without going through the United Nations,” Blumenthal said.

His plan also calls for improved coordination to end repeat security checks. Screenings are only valid for a limited time and often times end up expiring before the whole process is complete.

Blumenthal also hopes to use videoconferencing to do those screenings, as opposed to conducting them in person.

The plan also enables some family members to come to the U.S., even if the whole family hasn’t been fully screened.

“Allow those families to come here begin to get housing and jobs and settle here and avoid the dangers they may encounter where they are now,” Blumenthal said.

The plan hits home for Syrians like Ghoufran Allabadidi of Berlin. She’s one of about 5,000 Syrians in Connecticut.

“I would like my family to be safe, I would like to bring them here,” Allababidi said.

Allabadidi says she’s trying to find a safe-haven for her Syrian family. They are currently living in Turkey and are trying to find refuge. She says the process to bring them to the U.S. is too long.

“For my brother to apply it’s 8 years to bring him here so I’m like why should I spend the money applying I will send it to save them or to give them food or bread for another month,” Allabadidi said.

Blumenthal plans to submit the program this week to the Secretary of State and Department of Homeland Security.

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