Soda Truck Lands in Pequabuck River in Bristol

The driver said the brakes were not working while he was on a steep hill.

A box truck carrying soda went into the trout management area of Pequabuck River in Bristol Wednesday morning and crews from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded because a small amount of fuel and oil leaked into the river.

The driver was behind the wheel of a 20-foot box truck owned by Branford-based New England Beverage, according to DEEP, lost control while heading west on Willis Street and landed in the river.

Police said the driver narrowly avoided cars at two intersections before crashing into the river. The man told NBC Connecticut it appears his brakes were not working when he came down a steep hill.

Officials from the fire department said crews lowered a ladder into the riverbed and the driver was able to get out and was taken to Bristol Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. 

Booms were set up and contained the fuel, oil, bottles and debris, DEEP said. They do not think fish or natural resources will be hurt.

The truck is back upright and is being removed.

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