Bridgeport Woman Accused of Stealing Electricity

A Bridgeport woman is facing charges after reportedly stealing nearly $3,000 in electricity for her apartment over a period of two years, police said.

Tomeka Hudson, 37, of Connecticut Avenue, was arrested Tuesday and charged with third-degree larceny.

She’s accused of using jumper wires to bypass the electric meter in her apartment after power was shut off when she reportedly failed to pay in 2011.

A United Illuminating technician discovered the wiring in Nov. 2013, disconnected it and reported it to UI investigators, who notified police.

Police were contacted about another theft this month and said Hudson had tampered the wiring of another apartment to direct electricity to her home.

UI estimates that Hudson received $2,974 in free electricity between June 2011 and Nov. 2013, according to police.

Police said Hudson has an outstanding balance of $3,091 with UI dating back to 2008.

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