Bridgeport Diocese to Allow Mass to Resume Outdoors

Generic Catholic Church cross
NBC10 Boston

The Bridgeport Diocese has released guidance to its parishes on how to offer Mass outdoors with social distancing guidelines beginning on May 21.

The diocese is offering two options. The first allows worshippers to attend Mass outside seated on chairs spaced appropriately for social distancing. Groups will be limited to no more than 50 congregants, and if the chairs are provided by the parish, they must be sanitized after each Mass.

The second option would be to hold Mass while worshippers remain in cars in a church parking lot. Cars would need to be parked 6 feet apart, and the configuration would need to allow all cars the ability to leave in case of emergency.

Those seated outdoors would be required to wear face coverings, as would those who are seated in cars with their windows open or who leave their cars for Holy Communion.

Church buildings must remain closed, including bathrooms, during these celebrations.

The diocese said if the outdoor format is not possible for a particular parish, the can opt to celebrate Mass inside without worshippers and livestream it.

For more details on the guidelines for outdoor Mass, click here.

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