Bridgeport Third Grader Pricks Classmates With Needle: Police

Police and school officials in Bridgeport, Connecticut, are investigating a third grade student after fellow classmates accused him of deliberately pricking them with needles.

The student brought five needles into the Hallen School on Tuesday, according to a letter that the school's principal, Dr. Deborah Santacapita, sent home to parents Wednesday.

Three students have reported that the child deliberately pricked them with the needles. A fourth child also came in contact with the needles. All four children were evaluated at a hospital, according to police.

School officials found out about the incidents after a parent complained Wednesday morning.

One of the victims, Eric Green, told News12 that he was pricked and then told to stay quiet.

"Don't tell the teacher or I'm going to punch you in the face," Green said the offending student told him.

"Once this was discovered, there was a thorough investigation by our staff and school security. We have checked on the third grade students who came in contact with the needles, made our medical personnel aware of it and took the required actions for their safety," read Santacapita's letter to parents.

While both police and school security have spoken to the child, police say there have been no arrests in the case.

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