Cabin Fever? Step Outside For Your Health

Going outside, even just for a few minutes, is scientifically proven to be good for your health.

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The new reality that the coronavirus has created has led many people to spend a lot more time inside, resulting in "cabin fever." But research shows even just a short trip outside can have health benefits. There is scientific proof that explains how.

Professors at the Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh said that people need natural light for energy, alertness, improving mood and cognitive functioning. The light outside is much more powerful than what someone would experience inside their home, according to researchers.

The experts also found that getting outside gives people a dose of Vitamin D, which can help with bone health, promotes immune function and reduces inflammation. Even 10 minutes of fresh air and daylight can make a difference, they said.

Researchers also recommend getting deeper into nature, if possible. A Japanese study looked the idea of something called "forest bathing." The concept of forest bathing is quite simple – you spend some time in the woods. The study showed that it improved immunity and decreased stress.

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