Case of Tuberculosis at C.H. Barrows STEM Academy in North Windham

There is a case of tuberculosis in a North Windham school and school officials are reaching out to families and holding a tuberculosis clinic later this month.

A message to families said the case of active tuberculosis was confirmed at C.H. Barrows STEM Academy and the person is being treated. 

School officials said the school has set a plan of action under the direction and guidelines provided by the State Department of Public Health and local health district authorities.

“We are taking this important health matter very seriously, although the risk of students or staff becoming infected is very minimal, according to the DPH,” the message says.

Students and staff members who were in class with the individual should get TB testing, the school urges, and families of the identified students will be informed in writing next week. 

DPH said that prolonged exposure to someone with the disease is usually required to become infected. Of those infected, most will have Latent Tuberculosis Infection, which cannot be spread and will not cause symptoms. Anyone with Latent Tuberculosis can get treatment to prevent ever getting sick or spreading it to others, DPH said.

The school will also offer a clinic on May 28 and May 29 at Barrows during school hours.

In addition to the clinic, there will also be a Health School Community Information Forum at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 23 and families seeking additional information are invited. 

Learn about the state's tuberculosis control program here.

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