Cat With Injuries From Suspected Abuse Found Abandoned at Darien Rest Stop

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A cat named Highway was found abandoned in the cold at the Darien rest stop on Interstate 95 northbound with two broken legs and a ruptured eye on Monday.

A rescue is now caring for that animal and they said it’s one of the worst suspected abuse cases they’ve seen.

It’s rare for a cat to pose and take so well to a camera recording every move, but 2-year-old Highway is the exception.

“Highway is such a sweet and courageous cat,” said Ellen Simmonds, Executive Director of Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS Connecticut) in Norwalk.

Courageous because the signs of suspected abuse are severe. Simmonds said a ruptured eye is believed to be caused by a sharp object, but the most devastating injuries can only be clearly seen by x-ray.

Simmonds showed NBC Connecticut an x-ray of both of Highway’s front broken legs and one of his paws is crushed.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t believe anyone would be so cruel,” said Simmonds.

State Police and New Canaan Animal Control responded to reports of the abandoned cat at the Darien rest stop on Monday. Animal control said they suspected abuse and PAWS Connecticut took over the cat's care.

“He’s one of the lucky ones. He was found, and we’ll get him the help that he needs,” said Simmonds.

Despite his broken bones, Highway still tries to walk and crawl. He’s curious, gentle and wants affection.

“The thing about Highway that really touches your heart is his sweetness. I don’t know why, but animals that have terrible issues and injuries sometimes happen to be the sweetest and most courageous animals,” said Simmonds.

Simmonds predicts Highway will have no problem being adopted. It could take months for him to fully heal, but his future looks bright.

State police said they've initiated an investigation into circumstances surrounding the suspected abuse and neglect.

If you have any information on who my have left Highway behind, call Connecticut State Police.

If you would like to help with the cost of Highway’s care, you can click here.

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