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CDC Guidance Eased for Fully Vaccinated Travelers

The CDC announced on Friday changes to domestic and international travel recommendations for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

NBC Connecticut

“Florida, we want to get to Florida and get out of this wintry weather,” said Steve Sax of Woodbridge.  

He says he loves traveling and can’t wait to start again.

“Sort of thinking about going to Paris this summer but I don’t know if that’s a reality. It might get pushed back.”

The CDC announced on Friday changes to domestic and international travel for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Quarantines are no longer needed for domestic trips, and a test is only needed if the destination requires it.

“Oh my god I can’t wait that’s amazing news,” said Neville Wisdom of New Haven. “I haven’t been able to (travel) for over a year which is very unusual, I’m surprised I’m not totally stressed out about it.”

He says his shop downtown has been slow over the last year. He hopes the changes start to bring back tourists to the city.  

As for international trips, the CDC recommends holding off, but the same rules apply. They added a recommendation for a COVID-19 test three to five days after you return. And no matter where or how you travel, the agency also recommends wearing a mask, social distancing and frequent handwashing.

“I just hope that everybody will keep doing that,” said Emily Sax.

Carissa Wright and Nick Castillo made a trip to New Haven for the weekend.

“It’s our anniversary actually so we wanted to get away for a little bit,” said Wright.

The New Jersey couple say they constantly follow COVID-19 safety protocol, and this getaway is no exception.

“(We’re) expecting to play it safe until we’re told that things have improved and keep trudging along as we have been,” said Castillo.

When reached for comment after the update, Tweed-New Haven airport executive Sean Scanlon said in a statement:

“The guidance issued today by the CDC is welcome news. We’ve seen demand pick up recently and we hope that this guidance, plus the enhanced and nationally recognized safety and cleaning procedures we’ve put in place at Tweed-New Haven, will give our customers and especially those who are vaccinated, the confidence that it’s increasingly safer to visit loved ones or take that long-awaited vacation.”

AAA Travel Expert Dianne Bourgoin says travel demands have been on the rise since vaccines first rolled out in December.

“Getting that news today was so great, not just for us in the travel industry but for our travelers as well,” said Bourgoin.

She says March was the best month since the pandemic started and people are just dreaming about travel and getting their plans in place. She says they’re booking trips six months to a year out, into 2022.

While the guidance makes it easier to travel by bus, train or plane, Bourgoin says it’s important for people to research the rules that will be in place throughout their trip.

“It’s so important and I can’t stress this enough, to be prepared before, during and after travel.”

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