Celebrating Organ Donation and the Lives It Saves at The Hospital of Central Connecticut

Andrew Jones was among those who took part in a special ceremony where New England Donor Services recognized the important work being done at the Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain on Monday.

“You can’t go a day without remembering there’s a big scar on your chest,” said Andrew Jones of Farmington.

At the age of 26, Jones had a heart transplant after an unknown virus led to heart failure.

“What the message is somebody said yes to my life and that’s why I’m here today,” said Jones.

Part of the event was honoring organ donors.

“She was a wonderful woman and she was 32 years old. She was very young when she passed away,” said Pat Kupec of South Windsor.

Kupec’s daughter Katie grew up in Ellington, served in Iraq and was devoted to her own daughter.

We’re told Katie was always a giver and became an organ donor.

“As a family member it’s a hard decision to make. As time goes on I see the benefits of it. I see how many people have been helped through it and I think it’s a way for our loved ones continuing to move forward and to me they stay alive. To me Katie stays alive through the gift she’s given to others,” said Kupec.

As for Jones, he’s now working with those considering organ donation and those waiting for a transplant.

“For a family who is saying goodbye to a loved one and for a family who is preparing to say goodbye to a loved one, we’re able to re-write those stories,” said Jones.

There are 114,000 people waiting on the national transplant waiting list and on average, every 10 minutes another person is added.

Amazingly, one donor can save up to eight lives.

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