Chaos Erupts at Court Hearing For Suspect in Teen's Death

The court appearance for a man accused of killing a Windsor teen erupted into chaos on Friday afternoon.

Family members of the victim, 16-year-old Felipe Lopez, charged at the suspect, 22-year-old Isaiah Benitez.

As prosecutors listed prior and existing charges Benitez is facing, included attempted murder during a St. Patrick’s day double shooting, Lopez family members came at the defendant.

The father of the victim was wrestled to the floor as the brother of the victim climbed the benches.

The Father was restrained, sobbing, repeatedly, “He killed my son. He killed my son. He killed my son."

During this very intense exchange, six marshals intervened, attempting to restore order.

Lopez supporters, including family and friend were escorted out of the courtroom, and removed from the property.

Following the melee, Lopez's father was removed from the court in handcuffs and we believe will face charges of breach of peace.

Benitez was eventually arraigned and is being held on $1.5 million bond.

Police found Lopez while they were responding to a 911 call reporting a crash at Albany Avenue and Sigourney Street around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, April 24.

The person who called 911 told police that a vehicle went through the traffic light on Sigourney Street, crossed Albany Avenue and crashed into a parked vehicle in the church driveway lot, police said.

Police said Thursday that Lopez and Benitez knew each other and were meeting on Sigourney Street when there was an altercation.

According to the arrest warrant application, Facebook messages show Lopez was meeting with Benitez to sell him marijuana. Benitez told investigators he shot at Lopez after the boy grabbed his arm during their meeting.

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