Cheshire Public Schools Warn of Donation Scam

Cheshire school officials are warning the public that someone posing as a representative of the district targeting local businesses for donations.

Several people thought this was actually legit and came close to giving donations.

School officials circulated an email throughout the town of Cheshire with details asking the public to not take the bait.

"People are calling...spoofing their caller ID to appear as if they're coming from one of our local Cheshire schools and soliciting people for false advertising basically," said Jeff Solan, Cheshire school superintendent.

Solan said this situation hits too close to home.

"They're saying that if you give over $300 your name will appear on Cheshire uniforms or on t-shirts, sponsor the school," said Solan.

Solan told NBC Connecticut the school system was alerted by a local state official who received complaints from Cheshire businesses.

In some instances, Cheshire High School was displayed in the caller ID.

"Unfortunately, they're taking advantage of people's good nature and desire to help our community," added Solan.

"You can't trust people over the phone," said Alex Auger, employee at Bagelicious.

Alex Auger is an employee at Bagelicious in Cheshire and told us it's a problem that happens all too often. He said the business owner was recently targeted by someone solicited money over the phone, in this case pretending to be from the power company.

"She was pretty close to going to get money to pay them off. They always threaten to turn your power off. I just think you have to be very careful," said Alex Auger.

That was the sentiment from people in the community – when people call asking for money - be skeptical.

"Now, you have to always double check to make sure who I am giving to and what organization it that," said Steve Matthew.

"It doesn't surprise me in today's world," said Elizabeth Rock. "It's awful...you know…especially in a climate where they're threatening to cut school programs and everything and to take advantage like that."

"We'll never call and ask you for a credit card number over the phone, ever. So you know if you hear that, pay attention," said Solan.

School leaders advise the public that if you want to support the district and its athletic programs to do so through the Cheshire Education Foundation, the Athletic Department, and any of the school's main offices.

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