Chickens, Eggs in Your Backyard

Keeping hens in the city of New Haven might soon be legal

Some people in New Haven might not have to go to the grocery store for their eggs, Instead, they'll be able to go into their backyards to collect them.

Before you get your feathers ruffled about this, know the hens would be for personal use only. Your neighbor cannot become the next Frank Purdue.

The proposed zoning amendment would allow six hens per yard in residential zones, but not for commercial use, the New Haven Register reports.

Apparently, in New Haven some people already breed hens in their backyards and this would allow them to do it legally.

The hens would not be allowed to roam free, and hen keepers would have to take other precautions to keep their yards clean. The chickens cannot be kept inside houses.

Current New Haven zoning rules don't allow chickens and other farm animals within the city’s limits.

The proposal to allow the chickens would go through the committee process and could be approved by May.

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