Cleanup Underway After Cape Cod Tornadoes

Homeowners and renters are beginning clean-up efforts just one day after two tornadoes barreled through Cape Cod.

Leftover debris and several tree branches filled many streets including Deerfield Road in Yarmouth.

No injuries were reported after the two EF-1 tornadoes, but thousands remain without power — likely for days — and the town of Harwich remains in a state of emergency as disaster cleanup crews battle to open roads closed by downed trees and power lines.

The tornadoes left behind uprooted trees, downed power lines and piles of leftover debris throughout many streets.

Angela Damico owns a home on Cape Cod and is still coming to grips with the damages left behind from Tuesday’s powerful tornado.

“There’s actually no words to describe all this damage,” said Damico. “It’s very sad to see all of this destruction, the main thing is that no one was hurt, nobody was injured and everything can be rebuilt,” said Damico.

Damico arrived on Wednesday afternoon to take a tour of what was left behind.

“We never expected it to be this devastating when we got here,” said Damico. "It's really hard to describe the damages unless you come down here and witness it for yourself.”

Kim Gagne and her family were witnessing the tornado from her basement.

“It was the heaviest rainfall that I've ever heard in my life and it lasted about seven minutes,” said Gagne. “The top of the trees started to move in a circular motion.”

Ten minutes after the storms cleared, Gagne and her family began touring the neighborhood.

"There were trees down and the street we were was impassable because there was a tree in the middle of the street,” said Gagne.

While the damages are massive, both families say they are keeping their eyes on the bigger picture.

“It’s an unfortunate situation but I’m glad there are no reports of injuries,” said Damico. “This community is resilience and we will get through this.”

Hundreds of utility trucks were on hand doing disaster removal work.

The storm caused significant damage to wires, trees, homes and commercial properties across eight communities in Barnstable County.

Countless trees were felled, causing traffic nightmares with road blockages and damages to local houses.

The tornadoes struck during the peak of summer vacation season, forcing many people to hide out in rented homes or hotels, waiting for the intense storm to pass, which it did in about an hour.

Power is expected to be fully restored by 6 p.m. Friday in Harwich and Yarmouth, Eversource said. Full restoration is expected by 4 p.m. Thursday in Orleans and Brewster, 8 p.m. Thursday in Mashpee and Dennis and 4 p.m. Friday in Barnstable and Chatham.

The tornado was the fourth confirmed event on Cape Cod, the second in as many years following a tornado in Woods Hole on Oct. 29, 2018. Prior to that event, a tornado hadn't been confirmed on the Cape since 1977.

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