Colchester, Ledyard Schools Update Investigation Into Possible Racial Issue at Girls Basketball Game

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Colchester and Ledyard Public Schools have released findings into their investigations about an incident where statements that were racist in nature allegedly were said by adult fans at a girls basketball game earlier this month.

On Saturday, February 5, a basketball game was played between Colchester's Bacon Academy and Ledyard High School in Ledyard.

After the game, Ledyard Superintendent Jason Hartling said several adult spectators from Bacon Academy “exhibited unacceptable behaviors that are not aligned with our values or expectations.” After several warnings, one adult spectator was escorted from the school, Hartling added.

In a statement right after the incident, Hartling said their investigation discovered that at the end of the game, additional spectators from Bacon Academy acted in a “belligerent manner and others made statements of a racist nature.”

On Tuesday, Hartling released new findings into the investigation of the incident.

The person who was removed from the building was done so after walking on the court and approaching the officials, Hartling said. It was not reported as a racially motivated incident and did not factor into the investigation of other complaints, according to Hartling.

In a secondary investigation, Hartling said a member of the Ledyard team reported hearing an adult direct a racial slur at the team after the game. He said he had no reason to doubt the player who reported hearing the slur.

Administrators in Colchester said since the game, they have received one formal complaint that they are actively investigating in accordance with the board's non-discrimination policy and procedures.

Support services are in place for any students or families that were triggered by this event.

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