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Cold Weather Doesn't Stop Outdoor Workers

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Despite the cold, some community members who spent the majority of their day outside today to keep life as we know it going.

Like Chris Dayton, who delivers oil for Tower Energy.

“I like being able to keep people warm.”

Even on a freezing cold day like Tuesday,

“Without a doubt it’s definitely cold.”

Keeping people cozy, keeps Dayton moving.

“I average about 35 stops a day.”

We caught up with him on his approximate 20th stop of the day in Bristol.

Letter carriers worked hard to stay warm while not letting the cold stop them delivering mail. from deliv

Dayton has been delivering home heating oil for 10-years now.

“Lots of layers, except I forgot my long johns this morning, but as long as you’re moving it’s not so bad.”

Layers also help Mark Darby deliver letters in Hartford.

“And, I have two hats on.”

Darby’s been doing this for 28-years now.

And says no matter the temperature, he loves his job.

“I’ve been doing this for so long I’m used to it now.”

He’d choose the cold over the heat.

“I’d rather do the cold cause you can layer up for it. the heat you can only take off so much.”

This cold weather means nonstop calls for AAA.

“The biggest calls is literally batteries. This cold is impacting batteries on everybody’s vehicles and they’re calling us up to help us jump start their car and get them back on their day,” said AAA Battery Mobile Technician Alex Cartagena.

This battery technician urges people to warm up your car and make sure you keep it maintained, especially with a lot of winter still to come, as he and so many others folk brave mother nature’s wrath to keep our daily lives moving forward.

“All in a days, I’ll get there I’ll get it done and deliver your oil,” said Dayton.

Letter carriers and home heating oil deliverers ask for your help this winter: keep paths shoveled to mailboxes and fill pipes and salt pathways too.

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