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College Instructors Build Face Shields For Medical Staff with 3-D Printers

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A trio of instructors from Housatonic Community College have joined forces to help create face shields for doctors and nurses with 3-D printers.

Geroge Scobie heard about the need for personal protective equipment via a Facebook post.

"I contacted my dean at our school and asked for permission to use the universities 3-D printing machines," said George Scobie.

After receiving confirmation, he began collecting raw materials to create the face shields.

George, along with his son Adam Scobie and Tristan Hunte, are all reworking remotely from home to help build the face shields. They have nine printers to do their work.

Each instructor is splitting up their time teaching and building the medical equipment.

"I've been working on the face shields seven days a week for about 12-14 hours," said Scobie.

The team has been working every day to make the face shields with the raw materials, some of which they've funded themselves.

"We have about 150 right now and have about another 175 waiting for shield material," said Scobie.

The group, along with other businesses around the state, have a goal of creating 20,000 masks in 20 days.

While the trio continues to create and ship the shields to medical staff battling COVID19, their message is clear.

"Keep up the great work, we're all rooting for you," George Scobie said. "We will continue to try and do what we can."

At least 150 face shields have been donated to St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury.

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