Community Members Raise Money for East Haven Woman Paralyzed in Crash

On Sunday, community members rallied to support a young woman from West Haven.

Gabby Murillo was paralyzed after a horrific crash just weeks after her dream internship at Disney came true.

For Gabby’s family, there is so much to think about, from special equipment for their home to nursing care.

And on Sunday, people again stepped up to shoulder some of the cost.

“To just have everyone here and be like a community and to rally together to us is amazing,” said Amanda Maurutis.

Maurutis was thrilled by the outpouring of support for her sister, Gabby. At Barcode in Orange, community members turned out for a fundraiser.

“It’s hard but we’re taking it day by day and we have hope Gabby will be home soon and we will all be together again,” said Jennifer Murillo, Gabby’s sister.

Right now, Gabby is in a rehab facility in Atlanta after being in intensive care for weeks.

Back in June, after starting a dream internship at Walt Disney World, she was in a terrible car crash in Orlando and was left paralyzed.

“It was just horrific. But the prayers, the healing, everyone is praying for her,” said Carol Maurutis of Milford.

Gabby’s family says she’s made great progress.

But the process has been tough which got some friends of the family thinking about how to help.

“Nobody prepares for it both emotionally nor financially,” said Moriah Conlan, of West Haven.

“I think every dollar counts and this is exactly what we’re trying to do. Anything we can no matter the amount it’s going to help,” said Holly Hume of West Haven.

Gabby’s family is thankful for the help.

And they can’t wait for her to return to the community which truly has embraced “Gabby Strong.”

“Once they get back here, it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be different but we’re going to be happy to be together really,” said Amanda Maurutis.

The family has been told just her first year of medical expenses could reach more than a million dollars.

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