Community Rallies for Coventry Pizza Shop With T-Shirt Fundraiser

People in Coventry are rallying around Wicked Slice, a pizza business that broke out in flames on Friday, and orders are coming in for T-shirts that were designed to help the business owners.  

“It was devastating, to say the least,” said James Donahue, the owner of Wicked Slice in Coventry. 

James Donahue and his wife Ann opened Wicked Slice almost two years ago in October. He leased the building and told NBC Connecticut the landlord is going through the insurance process. 

Donahue said he was stunned to find out that within hours of the business catching fire, people in the community, including Tonya Ohlund, were brainstorming ways to help. 

Ohlund, who runs a small print shop out of her home, decided to design and sell a shirt to donate the proceeds to Wicked Slice. Within 24 hours she already had more than 100 orders.

“I know that they’re appreciative and I know that we need them here. So we’re going to do whatever we can do to get them back here,” Ohlund said. 

Adult shirts are $15, kids shirts are $10. Everything but $2.60/shirt is being donated to the pizza shop.  

“It’s overwhelming, honestly,” said James Donahue. “Make sure they know how much we appreciate them reaching out to us and making us feel like family.” 

“We’re very humbled by all the people who have rallied behind us,” said Ann Donahue. 

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