Cats Cooped Up in Foreclosed House Concern Neighbors

Dozens of cats are locked inside a foreclosed home in Seymour and neighbors have been trying to get them to a new home before the temperatures get any hotter. It has already reached the 90s. 

“The house is completely locked up. The windows are shut. There’s no fresh air into the building,” Linda Christy of Seymour, said.

The owners of 34 Knorr Ave. were forced out when the bank foreclosed at the end of June, neighbors said, and the couple left behind what some believe to be as many as 30 cats.

The director of media and external relations for Fannie Maetold the Connecticut Post that they are in the process of evicting the couple who lived there. 

“I have pets and stuff and it’s cruelty. It’s disgusting.  I think he should do something about it,” Eric Cleveland, a neighbor, said.

On the front door of the home, there is a note signed by the homeowner that says he returns everyday to give the cats food and water. Still, some neighbors fear the worst and want town leaders to get involved.

"The owner says there are only eight (cats) in there," First Selectman Bob Koskelowski told the Post. At one point the man did have as many as 50 cats in the house.

The cats left will be turned over to the town "sometime this week," Koskelowski told the newspaper. A veterinarian to check them and healthy cats could be available for adoption, he said.

At this point, the town says its hands are tied because there’s no proof of abuse but some neighbors disagree and hope the cats will be saved before it’s too late.

“We want the town to work faster,” Christy said.

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