Connecticut Event Provides Families With Free Food

It was not your typical grocery line. 

Volunteers, dozens of them, gathered in West Hartford Wednesday morning, handing out food and supplies to 800 families in need from around Greater Hartford. 

“I’m glad that I can have some food for my kids,” said Louisa Garcia, of Hartford. “That way they won’t go hungry.” 

Community Renewal Team (CRT), an anti-poverty organization serving Greater Hartford and Middlesex counties, partnered with national child poverty advocate, “Feed The Children,” to make the event happen. 

“They’re going to get a week’s worth of food and other essentials,” Jason Black, CRT’s communications director, said. “It’s more than 40 pounds of food they’re going to be leaving with this morning.” 

Tractor-trailers began unloading at 7 a.m. in preparation for the “Feed The Children” event and recipients lined up in the Price Rite parking lot, loading their vehicles with food and essentials. 

“It means I can feed my three kids through the month this month,” Ann Marie Archambo, of Manchester, said. ”For me, I ration it out pretty well so it will go pretty far.” 

Officials from Feed The Children said they have 12 events scheduled nationwide this summer and four of them are in Connecticut. They said the program will help 22,000 people. 

“We have about $100,000 worth of food that we’re giving out today,” Joe Allegro, Feed The Children’s senior director of corporate partnerships, said. 

Much of the food is donated by corporate sponsors, including Price Rite and Kraft Foods. 

“We try to provide, food and items that they need to keep the family going and help them through some tough times,” said Price Rite president, Jim Dorsey. “There’s a lot of smiles. A lot of hugs. And most people come in a little timid and then they leave with a smile. And it’s a great day.” 

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