Connecticut Red Cross Heading to Massachusetts for Blizzard Help

Four volunteers from the American Red Cross in Connecticut are heading to Massachusetts to help residents recover from the Blizzard of 2015, which breached seawalls, left thousands without power and destroyed several homes.

“We were definitely prepared for this to happen back home and luckily it didn’t and we’re very honored to come help our neighbors,” says Mark Rozelle, an American Red Cross volunteer.

Rozelle, who is from Easton, says he is on standby in Hyannis. He’s waiting to hear how he can help, whether it’s running a shelter or handing out food or supplies.

“They got hit pretty hard. We’re seeing piles of snow that are so high that when you come to an intersection, you can’t even see around it,” says Rozelle.

In Marshfield, six homes were destroyed by flooding after a seawall collapsed.

And at one point, the entire island of Nantucket had lost power after hours of snow and hurricane force winds.

Connecticut volunteers could end up staying in Massachusetts for up to two weeks. The Red Cross said that in the past, Connecticut has relied on help from other states and now the tables have turned.

“We do our best to help our neighbors wherever we can,” says Paul Shipman, a spokesman for the American Red Cross.

Many blood drives in the state had to be cancelled because of the storm. Visit the Red Cross online to learn how to donate blood or money.

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