Plug Pulled On Broadcasting School

After more than 40 years in business, the Connecticut School of Broadcasting closed its doors unexpectedly.

Students at the Farmington campus said they were notified by text message. Others arrived for classes Wednesday night to find the doors locked. They paid $12,000 for a 16-week course and expected to graduate next week.  

"Shocked, upset, a little frustrated to say the least," said Jen Sonstrom, a student from Vernon.

"You came here because you had hopes and dreams of getting involved in the business and getting a stable job and now it's not possible," said Keith Massimino, a student from Cheshire.

The Connecticut School of Broadcasting was founded in 1964 by Dick Robinson.  Robinson sold the family-run business three years ago to a division of Credit Suisse.  That company expanded from 13 to 26 campuses nationwide, including three in Connecticut.  All are now closed.

Robinson said he'll now apply to the state for a license in the hopes of reopening the Farmington location under a new name. 

"It's a real heart breaker to me because it's like a child," said Robinson.  "We're gonna try our best to get rolling as soon as we can."

The current owners were not available for comment.

"I understand they shut down. They should give you back your money at least or just reopen the school," said Chris Swiatek, a student from Hartford.

"They sell this place with lifetime job placement and also the use of the equipment, you're not going to get that," said Massimino.  

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