Corn Thieves Strike in Bristol

Thieves deliberately picked and stole 200 dozen ears of corn worth $1,200 from Green Acres Farm on Perkins Street in Bristol over the weekend.

“It is with a very sad heart that we report for the first time in all our years of operation someone has stolen produce from our farm,” the farm posted on Facebook.

Green Acres has been in business since 1950 and said nothing like this has happened before. The stalks are stripped along 20 rows – the criminals left only small ears not yet ready to be picked.

"This is ridiculous how you can steal from a farm," said Green Acres' Whit Betts. "It would be very, very hard for the average person to do that."

It comes at the height of sweet corn season, which runs from July through September.

Farm staff members are asking customers to serve as extra sets of eyes and – naturally – ears when they are traveling by the fields and to report any suspicious activity.

Dozens of people have been sharing the farm's Facebook post, and Betts said the community is showing support and promising to keep a sharp lookout.

He said he doesn't expect the crooks to be caught but promises the corn will keep coming.

"You try not to get too absorbed by this," Betts explained. "I've had 24 hours to get through my anger and now you just look at the future and what we have going."

If you see anything, send a private message through Facebook or call the farm directly at 860-583-5700.

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