Court Documents Reveal Sexual Text Messages Ex-Hartford School Administrator Is Accused of Sending

A former Hartford school administrator accused of inappropriately texting a 13-year-old girl has been arrested and newly released court documents reveal details of the sexually explicit texts he is accused of sending.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, 57-year-old Eduardo Genao, of Hamden, was the executive director for compliance for Hartford schools when he met the teen in March at an event at Bulkeley High School.

First, he asked the teen to send him photos she took of the presentation and gave her his phone number, according to police, but the messages became inappropriate within days.

Genao first texted the girl to thank her for the photos, police said.

The teen’s mother, concerned that an older man was texting her daughter, began monitoring the texts and told police they went from friendly to sexually explicit.

During one conversation, Genao revealed that he knew where the teen lived because of her cell phone number.

On April 3, Genao sent the girl a photo from his hotel room in Atlanta and she sent a photo from a birthday party. Then, Genao asked her for something “more daring,” the arrest warrant application says.

Then he went on to ask if she’d had sexual intercourse and other sexually charged questions, according to the arrest warrant application. She revealed her grade during the text messages and Genao also sent a text saying it was dangerous for him to text her and he could get in trouble, the arrest paperwork says.

During one communication, Genao asked the 13-year-old to show him her breasts and other body parts, arrest paperwork says.

The teen told investigators she thought it was “weird” that Genao was still sending her text messages.

Police said they started investigating on April 4 and he has been charged with one count of risk of injury to a minor.

The NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters has reached out to Genao and his attorney for comment several times in recent weeks and they have had no comment.

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