CT DMV Says It Properly Reported DUI Arrest to Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said Connecticut didn’t properly report the arrest of a man who was then involved in a deadly crash in New Hampshire.

The man arrested in a deadly New Hampshire crash that killed seven members of a marine motorcycle club was also arrested in Connecticut for DUI last month.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said Connecticut didn’t properly report 23-year-old Vlodymyr Zhukovskyy’s arrest.

But Connecticut’s DMV deputy commissioner said his department did everything right.

“I cannot find anything wrong, the team cannot find anything wrong,” Tony Guerrera, deputy commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles said.

Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles Deputy Commissioner called the statements made by Massachusetts officials flat out false.

“Right now everything is by statute and what we’re supposed to do,” Guerrera said.

Guerrera says statements made Tuesday by Massachusetts Department of Transportation that Connecticut DMV did not properly report Volodymyr Zhukovsky’s operating under the influence arrest are wrong and the he has the proof.

“When something like this happens the information was inputted, it was sent over to the state where that licensing would be which in this case was Massachusetts we received acknowledgment through the electronic database that they received it,” Guerrera said.

Guerrera says under state and federal statute the DMV is required to report commercial drivers’ arrests to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and Commercial Driver’s License Information System which is a part of AAMVA.

This statement from MassDOT’s Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack reads in part, “To the RMV’s knowledge, Connecticut failed to provide sufficient information through the federal CDL system (CDLIS) upon his May 11th OUI offense and refusal of a chemical test for the violations to automatically apply to his MA driving record.”

But Guerrera says the very association that his department is required to report to, AAMVA, is now backing the DMV’s reporting saying: “Based on the facts known at this time, it appears that the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has followed the established process for reporting this type of violation through [the Commercial Driver’s License Information System] to another state.”

“Always open to have a dialogue we’re not trying to point fingers here nothing like that we always want to work with our neighbors and states,” Guerrera said.

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