CT’s Health Ranking is Climbing

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It appears Connecticut is becoming the epitome of good health.  According to The United Health Foundation, the state ranks fourth nationwide in 2010, up from seventh in 2009.

"The hard work and and collaboration among public health professionals, health partners, health care providers, policymakers, and countless others throughout the state have made the health of the people of Connecticut a top priority," said Dr. J. Robert Galvin, state's Public Health Commissioner.

Here's why we're near the top; low smoking rates, low obesity rates, low child poverty, and high immunization rates.  Here's where we need some work; binge drinking, and higher rates of infectious disease.

"While we're happy with the improvements we've made over the last year, there is always work to be done in the world of health," said Dr. Galvin.

New England neighbors Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire were the three states ranked above Connecticut.  Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi were at the bottom.

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