CT Rail Hartford Line Back to Offering Full Service

Since July, construction caused many weekday trains to be replaced with buses.

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After weeks of construction at Hartford Union Station, people can expect to travel by train with ease.

The CT Rail Hartford Line began offering full service again on Monday.

"I think it's a welcomed relief for people using the Hartford Line," said Josh Morgan, Spokesperson for Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Work to repair damaged gutters, flooding issues, and the canopy roof over the platform in Hartford as well as track and signal improvements in Longmeadow, Massachusetts caused some weekday train service to be replaced with buses. That change began on July 18.

"So, two separate projects that were scheduled to happen at the same time, which allowed us to get the work done three months quicker and two million dollars cheaper than if we only worked nights and weekends," said Morgan.

Ganny Tirado was one of many travelers that had to take the bus during the construction, but she says she didn't mind it. 

All the buses took the tickets. It worked out fine. I didn't have a problem with it," Tirado said.

On her way to work Monday, Tirado was able to get back on the Hartford Line, a service she says she's grateful for. 

"I'm heading to Springfield. That's where I work out of, and I recently lost my car so this my main mode of transportation," said Tirado.

Another traveler was heading in that direction for school Monday.

"I often commute to my traditional university from the train. It saves me a lot of time and money in the process because traveling back and forth from Connecticut to Mass is not the easiest task in the world," said Titus Wright, of Hartford. 

But with construction on the platform complete and work from the street view wrapping up, travelers can now use a line that conveniently connects them from Springfield to New Haven and everywhere in between. 

Morgan says the state is working toward improving its rail system with a new train station being built in Enfield, additional express trains to the New Haven Line, and more than double the number of trains on the Waterbury Branch Line.

"What we're seeing is you know, not just people using trains to get to work but using it to live their lives," said Morgan. They want to go to a Yard Goats Game, or they want to go down to New Haven or Bridgeport, so it's a really convenient mode of transportation."

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