Owner: Economy's Bad, Let's Settle Strip Club Suit

The economy is too bad to use taxpayer money for a “moral crusade” against a strip club, the owner of Keepers Gentlemen's Club in Milford argues. He has sued Milford and wants to settle out of court.
Joseph Regensburger sued Milford  five years ago, challenging a law that requires a 6-foot buffer zone between strippers and customers and bans strippers from intentionally touching customers.

The ordinance is not being enforced while the lawsuit is pending.

Regensburger, who owns the city's lone strip club, claims the ordinance is aimed at putting him out of business.

Regensburger sent a letter to Richetelli asking the city to consider settling the case out of court through a mediator appointed by a federal judge.

“I am sure that you are well aware that (the) city has spent well over $120,000 in expert and legal costs. Under those circumstances, its reluctance to engage in mediation, quite frankly, is somewhat surprising,” Regensburger’s letter says, according to the New Haven Register. “I believe there are better uses for taxpayer’s money than engaging in a moral crusade against a business.”

Mayor James Richetelli said the Board of Aldermen might consider the settlement at its March meeting.

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