Data Breach at CCSU Exposes Social Security Numbers

More than 18,000 current and former employees are at risk, according to the University.

A security breach of a computer at Central Connecticut State University may have exposed personal data of more than 18,000 former and current employees.

Social Security numbers of faculty, staff and student workers, both past and present may be at risk, according to James Estrada, the University's Chief Information Officer.

A computer in a CCSU Business Office was infected by a "Z-Bot" virus, a malicious software program.

"After conducting forensic analysis, we have been unable to determine if any data was stolen or used in an unauthorized manner - only that that data was vulnerable for eight days in early December," Estrada said. "As soon as the virus was detected, we acted immediately to protect the data by taking the impacted computer off line."

Students on campus are worried that this might affect them. “I’m kind of upset,” said student Damian Hordejuk.  The junior at CCSU told NBC Connecticut, he’s worried about his future because of this.  

“My biggest fear is my credit to be hurt, someone could open up a credit card in my  name," said Horedjuk. He’s not the only one who was worried when they found out. “This could be a clear case of identity theft and it's not just me it's a campus wide thing,” said student Curtis Knighton.  He said he’s fearful someone will wipe out his bank account. “I’m a college student, I’m already struggling financially just to get through,” Knighton added.

No other information, such as name or home address, was exposed, according to the University. CCSU is offering free identity protection services for up to two years for those who are affected.

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