Democrats' Budget Restores Millions to Social Services

The state’s Democratic leaders have unveiled the newest version of their state budget today. The budget restored millions of dollars for social services.

The budget from the Democratic Appropriations Commitee restored hundreds of millions of dollars for services, such as nursing homes, autism treatments and mental health. They also increased spending for things like pensions and other long-term obligations for teachers and state workers.

There are also cuts and does not include funding for new charter schools or magnet schools. 

"We struck a balance there," State Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven, said.

Lawmakers said new taxes are something another committee will have to decide, but overall, they are happy with this budget.

SEIU 1199 New England, the union that represents health care workers and nursing home workers, released s statement, saying they are “greatly encouraged by today’s budget.”

“While this new budget does not offer the full funding needed to provide a living wage to caregivers and quality care to the people for whom they care, it certainly appears to be an improvement from February’s proposed budget,” spokeswoman Jennifer Schneider said in a statement. “We are moving in the right direction and appreciate lawmakers finding additional funding after hearing concerns from Connecticut’s caregivers and the communities they serve. It is our hope that as lawmakers enter their final negotiations with the administration proper funding for caregivers and the people for whom they care will be a top priority.”

Lawmakers are holding a hearing on the budget this morning.  

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